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The Cobra iRadar Detection System

Detection Evolved. Cobra iRadar™ combines industry leading radar, laser and speed & red light camera detection technology with the power of the iPhone® to provide the most advanced, smart detection system available today. Using the iPhone's Bluetooth® wireless technology connection, Cobra iRadar enables you to view radar alerts, control settings, log alert history and be ...

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10/Gui Multi touch Operating System

New 10/Gui Multi touch Operating System

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The conclusions presented here will shock and amaze you! Boldly going where no scientists have gone before... The Debate! The Conclusions! The Wonder! Scholars, theologians and scientists came together at the University of Wisconsin for an all-day, mind-blowing discussion on the questions of "God, Man, and ET" Captured in spectacular cinematic style, packed with stunning ...

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Bloom Energy unveils its new fuel cell power system

SAN JOSE (02/24/2010) -- The hottest startup in Silicon Valley isn't in the IT business. But if Bloom Energy's fuel cell technology does what the company promises, it could have a big impact on anyone running a data center, or even a house full of PCs and consumer electronics. Bloom unveiled its Bloom Energy Server ...

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Astronomers have a massive breakthrough as they discover a weird and very bright extraordinary object in the far reaches of our solar system. Is it a planet? Is it a block of ice? Whatever it is, it's bigger than Pluto. Fascinating science video from BBC Horizon show 'Bye Bye Planet Pluto.'Related BlogsRelated Blogs on believedThreshold ...

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Chordette: Scamp, Mogul and Prime in a three tier Chordette Rack. iTunes is displayed on two screens, a touch screen and a projector. An iPhone is controlling the system via Wi-Fi Apple Remote App (free) software. The 40 watt Chordette Scamp is powering Faithless on B&W 804s. Chordette for the way you listen.Related BlogsRelated Blogs ...

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Birth of the Solar System

The Solar System's birth was far from peaceful. Witness the spectacular explosion known as the "Big Bang". Naked Science: Birth of the Solar System : TUES NOVEMBER 6 8P et/p : channel.nationalgeographic.com

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Hands on with Jolicloud, the best operating system for netbooks, it just might be the ultimate Netbook OS for the internet! Check out how it works, and what it looks like, and the secrets of installing it!Related BlogsRelated Blogs on JolicloudJolicloud 1.0 Review and Screenshots | EasyLinuxCDs.com BlogJolicloud 1.0 – Social Netbook OS « Zoom ...

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www.securitysimple.net alarm system alarm systems alarm security home alarm burglar alarm wireless alarm home security system home security systems security alarms home alarm system home security camera door alarm burglar alarms alarm monitoring wireless alarm system security...

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AKG IVM 4 – Professional In Ear Monitor System (IEM)

AKG's IVM 4 is a professional IEM (Wireless In Ear Monitoring System). This video shows it's features and capabilities. Further information at www.akg.com Wireless in-ear monitor system with unique signal processing capabilities for live applications and professional installations Integration into a HiQnet™ system with optional HUB 40Ǡ Q The first all-in-one solution for professional in-ear ...

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