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Algiz 10 rugged tablet computer

The Algiz 10 rugged tablet computer with 10.4-inch screen meets rigorous MIL-STD-810F for shock, vibration and moisture and has an IP54 rating against dust and water. It handles extreme temperatures, from -4 to 140 °F. The Algiz 10 includes a 1.2 GHz Intel Core Duo Yonah ULV Processor, an 80 GB shock-mounted hard drive and ...

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WebDT Semi Rugged Tablet PC

The WebDT tablet is easily the lightest rugged tablet PC in the market today. It combines a flexible and effective form factor with durable magnesium alloy case and acceptable levels of processing power. The WebDT tablets are available in either a 10.4" or 8.4" screen size, offer good daylight readability and are optimized for thin ...

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Rugged Tablet PC at the Shooting Range

We brought a MobileDemand T7000 to the shooting range so we could take notes, tabulate our scores and see how tough this thing is. Read more about this PC at www.gottabemobile.com

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Winmate Rugged Tablet PC W770 Demo

www.winmate.com.tw sales3@winmate.com.tw W770 is our new product, Rugged Tablet PC, VIA C7M CPU ,8.4" or 10.4" LCD with 4-wire touch screen, Microsoft Win XP embedded. It focuses on the vertical market as Law enforcement, Field service, manufacturing & warehouse, Fire and emergency services, transportation & distribution, Utility & energy and Military which need mobile and ...

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Tablet PC / UMPC – Rugged Computer Survives Car Wash!

Tablet PC: www.ruggedtabletpc.com The MobileDemand xTablet rugged Tablet PC UMPC survives going through a car wash FIVE times! We had the cleanest car in Las Vegas while visiting the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in early January, 2008. We strapped the Tablet PC onto the roof of our rental car with bungee cords, ...

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Tablet PC: www.TabletPC.TV, http We could use a hammer. Instead we use our xTablet Tablet PC. We do this to prove a point. Our xTablet is rugged and durable enough to take the beating of hammering in dozens of nails. Without a glitch. We attached an accelerometer with a real-time graph running on the screen ...

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Tablet PC Rugged Testing

The xTablet T7000 rugged mini Tablet PC gets a 2.2 lb steel ball dropped onto the screen from 10cm to 40cm, dropped multiple times from 5 feet while video is running, and placed into a paint shaker!

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