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Tsukasa Cell Phone Ringtones [Remake]

this one sucks compare to the orginal ;D \o/ Yey..Related BlogsRelated Blogs on cellCell Phone Reviews: ATTACK OF THE CELL PHONE ZOMBIES | Gadget ...State by State Cell Phone Driving Laws'Switch OFF' Your Cell Phone for 12 Hours on June 10, 2010 | The ...Related Blogs on PhoneĀ» Mobile Phone Becoming Bigger Target For Hackers ...

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Create free ringtones for iphone in Windows 7

Install iTunes and follow this tutorial, if you don't see the ringtone folder, you'll see i show how to enable it to be seen. The method will work in any iPhone (2G-3G-3Gs) Once you're done creating your ringtones, select the ones you wnat to synchronize with your iPhone and you're Done. Thanks for rating this ...

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