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Klaus Dona comes from the art world. As Art Exhibition Curator for the Habsburg Haus of Austria, Klaus has organized exhibitions world wide. With this background his approach to archeology is unconventional. He has traveled the world in search of unique and unexplained findings. Intrepid and unrelenting, he is on a mission to bring to ...

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Project Camelot interviews Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon: Hacking the Pentagon London, June 2006 projectcamelot.org I [Kerry Cassidy] caught up with Gary McKinnon in North London on my way back from safari in Kenya. The interview was shot using a hand-held camcorder and uploaded at 4 am UK time, making use of a wireless connection outside of an office building in ...

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Weekend Project: Aircraft Band Receiver

Take an old AM/FM transistor radio and make a quick modification so it picks up Air Traffic Control, Air Shows and other Civil Aviation Band transmissions. Amazing!

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Weekend Project: Make a Vacuum Former

Here's a cheap and easy way to make 3D plastic forms like Stormtrooper costumes and tons of other things. Cost: around $20.

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Office Labs: Project “InkSeine”

The goal of the InkSeine project is to completely rethink the user interface for tablet computers. Some people have described InkSeine as "Windows Journal on steroids." But InkSeine goes well beyond Windows Journal, particularly in its features to search from ink and to easily drag hyperlinks for documents and web pages into your notes. Many ...

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Weekend Project: Cosmic Night Light – Part 2

Make a glittering LED constelation jammed in resin! This is Part 2 of this two part project.

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Weekend Project: The Ultimate Fan Sign

If you are a sports fan, then you must have the item, a portable Flashing LED Sign!Related BlogsRelated Blogs on ProjectRelated Blogs on signTROLL Street Sign ~ Personalized Family Lastname Sign ~ Gameroom ...Related Blogs on ULTIMATEFinding the Ultimate Search Engine Ranking Loophole | Website ClusterHow To Factory Reset 32bit Windows 7 Ultimate And Install ...

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Weekend Project: Make a Lensless Microscope

Turn a video camera into a lensless miscroscope and record what you see! Fun and easy project. Credit for the original project goes to Tom Zimmerman. From Make Magazine Volume 14.

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The Industry TV Project New Hope

Project New Hope Goose Hunt featured on The Industry TV show in 2010 on the Sportsman Channel.Related BlogsRelated Blogs on Hope'I hope Pete and I can make up this Christmas!' | Gossip BlenderRelated Blogs on industryFile Taxes OnlineRelated Blogs on Project

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Project Camelot interviews David Wilcock – Part 3 of 4

The Road to Ascension: David Wilcock (Part 3 of 4) Los Angeles, May/June 썗 Our interview with David Wilcock is part of our redirecting our focus toward the future of our planet in the years leading up to 2012. As the self-professed reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, he's a good person to start with. In some ...

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