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Dr Dre talks Detox and says “Under Pressure” is not finished

www.HardKnock.tv EXCLUSIVE Dr Dre says Detox is coming out by the end of this FALL, says he wants to make sure he give everyone what they are waiting for so they are not disappointed? Dre also tells HardKnock.TV's Devi Dev in this interview that the "Under Pressure" leak featuring Jay-Z is not a finished song, ...

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Image taken on 2010-01-27 12:44:55 by nasa1fan/MSFC.

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I have a tablet PC but the pen is such a hassle that I'm actually better at coloring with the mouse. It just doesn't feel like a pen at all. The screen isn't sensitive enough to it and when I press hard it just acts jittery. I'm very computer illiterate, can anyone help? I tried pen ...

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I'm having some trouble with audio on my HP Pavilion zv5255us laptop. The sound card/audio does work so I know it's not a problem with the drivers, but I can only get sound when I apply pressure to the laptop, usually near the headphone jack. This happens when trying to listen through the speakers and through ...

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