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www.youtube.com Click this to watch Halo Reach gameplay from 2 Bucks! Halo 3: 2 Bucks' Chessbook on Xbox Live (Playbook 2) Funny Halo Live Ep 11 (Gameplay/Commentary) Chess Grandmaster 2 Bucks goes on Xbox Live to try and teach the ignorant masses some wisdom about Halo Strategy. The team doesn’t respond well, however, and the ...

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Blackberry Playbook Tablet OS Simulator

To give heads up for the developers interested in developing apps for the BlackBerry playbook Beta SDK is available at: na.blackberry.com Playbook preview video: www.youtube.com Video gives demo of the BlackBerry tablet simulator running in VMware .. intention of the video is to just educate and motivate other developers to start developing for BlackBerry Playbook

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BlackBerry PlayBook Promo Video

www.newgadgets.de Promovideo of the BlackBerry PlayBook that was introduced today at the DevCon 2010 in San Francisco.

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Meet BlackBerry Playbook, Featured a tablet PC from RIM

allcurrentaffairs.com Orion, by the way, is one of a wave of many other coming dual-core ARM Cortex CPUs. Nvidia, TI and Qualcomm are also making them. So while dual-core may seem really hot now, it will probably be mainstream by the middle of next year. - 1 GB of RAM. That's reportedly twice what the ...

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