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Is there anything similar to Microsoft Offices, except for tablet PCs and you use the pen instead of typing?

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I am planning to start a social networking site for college students to date, chat, sent free SMS , call, play online games and create virtual tours of college to show where you met your love, your college etc. and also create virtual tournaments. Privacy to messages, groups and friends will be given. ...

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I would like an ebook to buy a good one , about event/ party planning business from starting one,how to, etc.

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Planning for Campus-Wide Integration of Social Software


Image taken on 2005-05-12 20:30:11 by lhl.

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I am looking for software that will model and optimize my business. This software has to be able model financials, do enterprise wide planning and be able to tie it all back to my financial statement? I need the ability to run "what-if" scenario's and see the outcome of my decision, before i actually make ...

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