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Pandigital Novel Android Tablet

The Pandigital Novel is an eReader that can be easily converted into an Android tablet. Available for under $150, it is not as polished as the iPad, but it is a working Android tablet that is available at your neighborhood Bed Bath & Beyond or Kohls (or online at Walgreens). SlateDroid.com has a forum that ...

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Pandigital Novel eReader Review

Get Pandigital Novel: getth.at Updated PN Review: www.the-ebook-reader.com This is a video review of the Pandigital Novel ebook reader and multimedia device.Related BlogsRelated Blogs on eReaderFoxit eSlick eReader - Color: Black | The Best eReadersiPad eReader UX Review: iBooks, Kindle, Kobo…08.01.10 « The ...Decide on an eReader for me! « Book MarketWhat's the difference between ...

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