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[ Rin Kagamine ] Meltdown [ English Lyrics ] HD

reprinted from NocoNico Douga www.nicovideo.jp jp.youtube.com [Hyper collaboration] Lyrics:kuma Animation:nagimiso Title design:Sirow Miwa Clothes design of child Rin:URAHANABI Songwriting:iroha(sasaki) Vocal off version mѣ(KARAOKE)URL xiao-sphere.net Full version mp3 download tinyurl.com Full version mp3 Direct link URL xiao-sphere.net (Please right-click in the mouse and choose preserving from the menu) iroha(sasaki)-HP xiao-sphere.net Nagimiso.SYS-HP: nagimiso.blog.shinobi.jp Shirow Miwa-HP mmm-gee.net meltdown ...

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Lady Gaga Alejandro Music Video Meltdown! She's freaking out because she can't get any weirder, and she doesn't have any more cleavage to show. Fortunately, she's got help. MORE BARELY: Subscribe! www.youtube.com Follow us on Twitter www.twitter.com www.twitter.com Visit our arcade! www.youtube.com Check out our websites www.barelypolitical.com http Friend us on Facebook & Myspace www.facebook.com ...

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