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Doug has played a major role in our industry for more than three decades and throughout this time we as XanGo founders have greatly admired what he has accomplished, said XanGo Founder and Board Member Gordon Morton. We are excited at what his full-time commitment to XanGo will mean to our distributors. Doug has a ...

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The Industry TV Project New Hope

Project New Hope Goose Hunt featured on The Industry TV show in 2010 on the Sportsman Channel.Related BlogsRelated Blogs on Hope'I hope Pete and I can make up this Christmas!' | Gossip BlenderRelated Blogs on industryFile Taxes OnlineRelated Blogs on Project

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The ultimate online resource for the printing industry Ipex World is the new online resource for the printing industry that is always on hand to give you an edge over your competitors. Built on the huge amount of information generated by the Ipex exhibition, it's an easy-to-use global database of suppliers and products, plus a ...

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THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED – Why In Plain Sight? (Part 2)

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FTA: Social Networking in the Transportation Industry

This program provides lessons learned from transportation industry applications of social networking tools across the country. Hosted by Brian Kennedy. Discussion leaders are RTD's Pauletta Tonilas (Denver), Jim Allison with BART (San Francisco), and LA METRO's Jody Litvak. Thanks to the Federal Transit Administration for its support in making this program possible. Program produced, videotaped ...

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I am an electronics engineer. I want to join software industry. But in most interview, I face the question "Being an electronics engineer how can you fulfill our requirements? Plz give me a strong and proper answer for this question. Related BlogsRelated Blogs on BeingThe myth of atheists being “lesser” than religious people | The ...On ...

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