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Kendrick Lamar talks working with DR. Dre, Detox, and Aftermath

www.hardknock.tv HardKnock.TV takes you Behind the Scenes into Kendrick Lamar's studio to talk to about Kendrick and DR. Dre working together on Detox material. Kendrick gives his account on what it's like to work with the good DR. and how he found out the Dre wanted to work with him. Nick Huff Barili also asks ...

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Dr Dre talks Detox and says “Under Pressure” is not finished

www.HardKnock.tv EXCLUSIVE Dr Dre says Detox is coming out by the end of this FALL, says he wants to make sure he give everyone what they are waiting for so they are not disappointed? Dre also tells HardKnock.TV's Devi Dev in this interview that the "Under Pressure" leak featuring Jay-Z is not a finished song, ...

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Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek talk Dr Dre, Detox, Gangsta Rap, Aftermath

www.HardKnock.tv Reflection Eternal (Hi-Tek and Talib Kweli) talk to Hard Knock TV's Devi Dev about the impact of Dr Dre's Chronic album and how Gansta rap dominated music in 1993. Hi- Tek also talks about being signed to Dre's aftermath label as a producer, how Dre is a mentor to him and how people perceive ...

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