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Jobless claim fall slightly (not really check the U6 # it going way up): online.wsj.com Such low volume at the stock market, yet the "smart money" is pulling out at all times: www.zerohedge.com Food is being used for fuel and it could feed an entire country for a year. What are we thinking?: foodworldorder.blogspot.com To ...

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East Coast Economic Update: February 5, 2010.

The Market ticker guy explains our Unemployment situation: market-ticker.denninger.net Consumers and becoming people again by paying off their credit cards: www.bloomberg.com Commercial Real Estate is falling and falling hard: www.dsnews.com Pluto is melting and no one knows why: news.yahoo.com To sign up for the Newsletter: Newsletter@utom.org

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I saw an ad yesterday on Fox about this new movie coming out but I can't remember the title. Any suggestions?

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