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Gerard Way, Mikey Way, and Ray Toro of My Chemical Romamce KROQ Interviewʼn/2010 *I have uploaded the full interview also.* NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED Thanks to kroq.radio.com for the awesome interview!Related BlogsRelated Blogs on 2010Friday roundup, May 21, 2010 « Coal TattooEditor's Note – May 21st, 2010 / Chicago News CooperativeWeb Design Case StudiesRelated ...

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Scientific Tuesdays – Make your own Chemical Creature!

Get the shirts: bit.ly By taking a bit of Corn Starch and a little water, you can make an amazing effect. The liquid reacts to sound waves. mmmmm how disgustingly amazing. By making a non-Newtonian fluid, you can experience science and the laws of physics first hand. Let us know if you have any questions! ...

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Wolfenstein Chemical Infatuation

Watch Wolfenstein bring the heavy metal with the aid of Like A Storm's 'Chemical Infatuation.' visit their iTunes store at ping.fm FOR MORE MACHINIMA GOTO: www.youtube.com

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Atomic Theory of Matter (Prof. Sylvia Ceyer) View the complete course: ocw.mit.edu License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at ocw.mit.edu More courses at ocw.mit.edu

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I am planning on going to college and majoring in chemical engineering. With that obviously comes the task of buying a laptop. I really enjoy Macs and I have semi-adjusted to their different programs because my brother has one. I do however cringe a little bit at the prices. But I ...

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