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Batman Cartoon 1968 – The Crime Computer

The Penguin's latest crime spree is aided by the fancy gadgets invented by the brilliant but eccentric Prof. Billingsly — especially a supercomputer that can plan meticulously detailed crimes. And when the electronic gargantua is fed the brainwaves of Batman and Robin, it perfects its ability to hunt them down! While they struggle to keep ...

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Foreign Cartoon About Hands – The Meth Minute 39

This week's Meth Minute 39 cartoon is a weird short film we dug up from the dusty archives of a little-known Eastern European nation. Although we can't understand the language these Hand-dudes are speaking, we can certainly understand their feelings. Looks like moving giant coffee mugs around has always been a pain in the ass. ...

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very creepy, disturbing children’s cartoon, banned from TV

Short Film/Animation... as topic... holy shit.. no wonder it's banned from tv... mysterious stranger? is that mark twain or alber einstein? i think its from mark twain remember to leave appropriate comments! =) and please dont spam about death to relatives or people if they read those stupid comments please. I dont have all day ...

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