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Batman Cartoon 1968 – The Crime Computer

The Penguin's latest crime spree is aided by the fancy gadgets invented by the brilliant but eccentric Prof. Billingsly — especially a supercomputer that can plan meticulously detailed crimes. And when the electronic gargantua is fed the brainwaves of Batman and Robin, it perfects its ability to hunt them down! While they struggle to keep ...

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Tea Company – Flowers (Longplay 1968)

Alb. "Come And Have Some Tea" -1968- The group, who were originally called The Lip-Tin Tea Company, came from Queens, NY and evolved out of The Naturals. They played mostly in New York City, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut. The Tea Company were one of the early birds from the US psychedelic underground scene.Originally ...

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Uploaded last year, YouTube removed it for a copyright violation (it had part of Bob Hope's song, "Thanks for the Memories." I've removed the song and uploaded again, this time in 'HIGH QUALITY." (Also uploaded "Part 2" in High Quality). Bob Hope began entertaining troops in May, 1941 when Bob, with a group of performers, ...

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