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I understand that I can get wireless internet connection if my laptop has a built-in wireless card for as long as I'm in a "hotspot" where I get connection from radio waves. How true is that? I am planning to get a laptop, but I'm not sure if where we live now is actually a ...

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Laptop Light


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Planning for Campus-Wide Integration of Social Software


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Onyx Boox ebook reader

This is the ready-to-market version of Onyx's Boox product. It's becoming public available in some countries.

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Gadget Infinity Mod


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The Best of The Johnny Cash TV Show

tv show

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What is networking and why is it important for businesses and just in general? (I heard somebody say once that she was going to a party to do some networking.)

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mobile phone

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i have this dsl connection but my internet conncetion now is running slowly than before. what maybe the problem and might be the solution for this?



ok so let's say you order a steak, baked potato and salad with oil and vinegar dressing. how and where in your digestive tract will each of these foods be digested?

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